New opportunities


TG-6.9X is a completely new model planned for people in the archipelago who need a safe and comfortable boat with good qualites in rough sea. Of the four TG models this boat will settle to the middle when it comes to size and the biggest difference to the other boats in our range is that the aft deck is larger than the front deck. The look of the boat follow the same design as TG-5.9 and TG-Alfa but the location of the cabin gives a smaller front deck with a V-bench and a big aft deck which can be considered as the loading deck. On the front deck there is sitting places for 3 persons, a side bench with storage space and a separate rope box. The stem has a so called duckbill and high handrails which makes entering the boat easy. A wide front door to the cabin is placed on the port side of the front wall.

Inside the cabin the driver seat is quite close to the centerline, with GPS, trim tab controls, search light controls and a storage place for smaller items on the drivers right hand. For the passengers there is a seat on the port side with a bench behind it. On the starboard side there is a bench behind the driver where you sit in the driving direction and in front of this, a place to sit for one person next to the driver. The aft bench can also be moved to a side bench and you obtain more space to move around in the boat.

Under the starboard bench there is an open space for storage meanwhile the portside bench is closed. In front of the port seat is a compartment for i.e magazines or charts. Under the drivers seat there is place for a pentry and a refridgerator. Next to the pentry there is a sink. Using the benches and a few extra parts you can easily get a 140*230 long bed. The roof has an extremely large roofhatch in two pieces. 2/3 of the roof can be opened. By also opening the wide aft sliding door you almost get a feeling of sitting outside.

The real loading deck is the aft deck since it is so big and only have two benches in the aft corners. On the port side you have a higher bench with a sitting place on top of it meanwhile the port bench is lower. Both benches have storage space inside, one of which will be used for the anchor. In the middle of the at deck is a big hatch with a storage box under. It can also be used to put fish in while fishing. On port side there is an open rope box. It is possible to get extra benches on both sides of the aft deck. The roof is of same type of design as the TG-Alfa and TG-5.9 with place for search lights and a radar. On the sides there are handrails and on the aft part two separate grabrails. In the front of the boat there is space for integrated led lights which will help when entering a harbour.

The Hull


As always when constructing a new TG hull, we have put a lot of effort to get the best qualities and performance, the TG-6.9X is no exception. A deep V-hull in the front gives a smothness in the waves while the aft of the boat gives stability. Optimally placed spraylists gives the hull needed lift to obtain great fuel economy and driving qualities. Both decks have "quick draing" which removes water very quickly from the decks.